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From our origin to food, making all ingredients with the best of our heart.


We have been servicing the food industry in Malaysia since 1998 with the ultimate goal of rendering supreme service to all institutions who care to serve the very best of dry and frozen food. With 20,000.00sq and over 100 employees, we provide sufficient stock with immense efficiency and friendly customer services.

We also have over 10 years of experience of providing a wide range of Frozen Food products to local and overseas markets.

With the support of our suppliers from Singapore, China, India, Vietnam and Belgium, CYL has experienced dynamic growth and became one of the leading players in the Frozen Food industry.

A proud distributor of an abundance of frozen food products and meal solutions, we serve various colleges & universities, hospitals, chain restaurants, convenience stores, wet market, supermarket, hypermarket, steam boat restaurants, wholesales frozen food mart and many other food services channels in Malaysia.

We value honesty, integrity, the ethical code of conduct, efficiency, a speedy response and value for money — and we are committed to deliver these to you. 

Our History
De First Food Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd was established.

De First Food Manufacturing (M) Sdn Bhd first began our operations by selling traditional handmade fish balls, and setting up a factory that processed bean curd with fish paste. Our superb products and services were well-received, largely favoured by local dealers and consumers alike.

The FIRST fully automated manufacturer to process bean curd with fish paste products.

Aligned with its continuous efforts to bring about better products and services for customers, we fully reformed our production line and subsequently became Malaysia's first manufacturer to implement automated bean curd with fish paste production.

The CB Brand established, followed by ambitious local market expansion.

Our CB Brand continued to expand its business and reputation in the highly competitive market. We established strong relationships with our customers in order to establish realistic demands — while capitalizing on over 30 years of experience in our utilization of highly sophisticated processing and freezing facilities to continually create refreshingly new fish paste products.

Our distinguished products are made from quality ingredients suitable for the consumption by Muslims and non-Muslims alike – with a unique taste and a tantalizing aroma. For years, our company has been building partnerships with hundreds of distributors to thoroughly explore uncharted local market segments.

Open up to foreign markets and go global.

Embracing new technology and techniques under a stringent hygiene management, our products are distributed in advanced packaging methods without compromising on quality. Currently, we have a wide distribution network all across Malaysia which also extends to international markets like Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, and Canada. Looking ahead, we are set to expand our market into unexplored foreign territories in China, US, Middle East and Europe.